Elitefts™ Classic: Words of Wisdom

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Last night, I was sitting in my office going through some of my training journals and notes that had accumulated over the years. These writings contained diagrams, personal training notes, clients’ training notes, personalized diets, book drafts, unpublished articles, and various research articles. I found a great deal of solid information as I looked through the papers, and some of these things I hadn’t looked at in over ten years. I found my personal notes to be the most amusing. I thought readers might enjoy looking into some of my personal information that I have recorded regarding training and nutrition.

  • There's no correlation between running three miles and boxing three rounds. Different types of energy systems are primarily utilized.
  • The key to punching power is proper technique and rotational power (legs, hips and torso rotation).
  • There seems to be a correlation between big heads and the ability to take a punch.
  • Reaction time is a key quality in regards to successful boxing.
  • Sledgehammer training has significant benefits in regards to punching power and power endurance as well as other qualities.
  • The key to jumping ability is reactive strength (utilizing the stretch shortening cycle). There is no correlation between agility and speed. In the majority of sports, agility and quickness are key.
  • Ninety percent of the population can’t perform an overhead squat with a bar.
  • Hanging backward body rolls are a great movement for range of motion, grip, and core strength. (Hang on a bar, tuck the knees, and roll backward as far as possible and then go back to start.)
  • Most people do not look good naked. (Yes, that includes the hot chicks at the mall.)
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