Ok, a couple of things to cover. First, I weighed 267 pounds Friday morning and was at 18 percent body fat. Twelve weeks ago in my first e-mail to Shelby, I said I wanted to get to 18 percent body fat. I just checked online - and for my age this is rated as an excellent body fat percentage. From the massive research I've done, it appeared to be an optimal percentage for strength athletes...so that's where I came up with that goal. When I started this process in March, I was 290 at 24 percent. That was not quite obese, but not great either. I was 325 pounds back in September and I don't even know what my body fat was then. I'll guess somewhere between 20 and 40 percent.

Even though I reached my goal, I'm pissed. Mayor Rhodes is 17 percent and he isn't even trying to be lean. He's just a poser for Rhodestown. Actually, he was eating cheese puffs during his workout, no lie. He also brags about how often he eats french toast. I will not be jealous, but I'll take the body fat title before my meet at the end of this month. I have a few more pounds to lose before I make my cut, so I'll get my body fat down one more time. Oh yeah, if my wife Jessica was a regular with our crew, she would've won the title. She was measured at 12 percent. It's pretty f'n sick!

Ultimately I'd like to be around 15 percent at 255 pounds in the fall. I am going to bulk for a bit after my June meet. I'm going to do the Europa Superlifting event in Hartford, CT and want to get up to around 280 pounds. I'll try to do it right. We'll see. It's such hard work to drop it.

On to lifting. My 62 Ace is so ridiculously loose. I hit 710 for three singles no problem. It will be my opener. I really need to break in the size 60. I just hate tight shirts. Karsten, aka the "Shirt Doctor," helped me get as much out of this shirt as we could. I'll probably put the 60 on for my third lift at the meet and throw caution to the wind. Regardless of what I lift, the goal is to make 242 pound class. I'll relearn a tighter shirt and my new leverages down the road. I'm still toying with going raw in the fall.

If anyone knows someone that can help me out with an IV in York, PA, Saturday morning on June 26, please let me know. Thanks.

This is embarrassing, I was more of a mess than I thought when I started. There is more work to be done, but I'm on the right track.



  • Treadmill, 30 minutes steady


  • worked up to 495 x 1 raw
  • added 62 Ace
  • 2 board 585 x 1
  • 1 board 675 x 1
  • to chest 725 x 1
  • changed to 60 Ace
  • 1 board 725 x 1
  • To chest 725 x 1


  • Pulldowns to belly 180 2 x 10
  • Pushdowns 80 x 10, 100 x 10

Wow, what a great night. I was definitely in meet mode. My 62 is ridiculously loose. I took 725 and on the way up it stalled about 2/3 in a bad position over my head. That being said, I was able to grind it out and for me, that is huge. In the past my benching was throw and catch. It either flies to the top or not. My lockout has improved dramatically over the years.

It got even better after that. My size 60 is way too tight, so Rhodes offered me his because it's more broken in. I took 725 to a 1 board and it flew. It came in so easily that I asked Brian if I could take an extra set and go to the chest. He said absolutely. That one was even easier. That shirt went on me like Cinderella's slipper. I am now more excited than ever to get on the platform at IPA Worlds.

A big thanks to the whole crew for helping me out with this cycle. Cristin, Drew and Josh are always there spotting loading, holding boards and offering me tons of support. Rhodes has been giving awesome liftoffs as always. Karsten is my shirt doctor. Then there's Brian who wrote my program and kept me on track. You guys and girl are the best!


Called up Rhodes, we both talked about how brutalized our bodies felt. He came by and we tried to repair our bodies. We got some mood lighting going in the basement with a little mellow music. We proceeded to foam roll, use the therapy stick, a stretch rope, I used a frozen bottle of water to roll out my aching feet, the softball for my pecs, back and shoulders. Matt used a PVC pipe and we both got on the inversion table (separately of course). The whole interlude was less than manly, but I left the basement feeling much better than I entered it.

After that, Matt and I jumped into his truck and headed to the beach. We strutted into the Long Island sound for a little cold water therapy. Well, I strutted, Matt pranced like a little girl. He is afraid of everything in the water. We had to walk through a muddy section and as soon as Matt's feet sunk in, he fled back to safer footing. I headed about a mile out because it was low tide. I kept checking back to see if I could see land. Ms. Rhodes finally made it out. He had another scare where something touched his foot. It was good for another laugh. We had a good soak and headed back to shore.

I just finished my boiled chicken, with lettuce, vinegar, and my 1/3 cup of cashews. I am off to take a hot shower and take a nap. I feel awesome! I'll wake up for a nice steak and then it's UFC time.