Dave Tate AMA show format (Ask Me Anything). 

In the final episode of Season 2, Dave Tate sits down in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) format to discuss Louie Simmons' passing and the future of elitefts content and Dave Tate's Table Talk Podcast. Some of the questions answered in this episode: If Dave could go back to his competitive years, knowing what he knows now, what would he do differently? Questions on Westside Barbell and the Louie Simmons era. Should you train to failure if your goals are building strength? Thoughts on Hypertrophy? The future of the strength industry and over 20 more of your questions answered.

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Today's Topics Include

0:00 Intro

7:15 Q&A / Warming Up

18:37 Dave’s Origin Story

28:11 No Regrets/Passion

37:09 Original Westside Barbell Club

44:20 S5 Compound vs S4

47:45 Favorite Table Talks

52:18 Louie’s Legacy

1:02:32 Fatherhood

1:08:44 Building YouTube

1:13:00 Training to Failure

1:24:20 Injury’s After 40

1:42:45 Westside Lessons

1:54:30 Deadlift record/ Dave’s Guilty Pleasure

2:06:00 Modern Powerlifting

2:13:38 Inner Circle

2:16:30 Best Lessons Outside Of The Gym

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