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Dave Tate is back at the table. Today he kicks off the podcast by answering your questions. Dave and co-host Sam Brown discuss autoregulation, how to program, NFL's virtual off-season, pre- and post-surgery, and more.

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Today's topics include

00:00​ Introduction

05:17​ What are the most common mistakes in the gym (intermediates +)

05:41​ How to Auto-regulate

18:15​ Collaboration with Lane Johnson and John Meadows

23:14​ NFL Virtual Off-Season Training

43:07​ Meathead Chronicles - Dave's pre-and post-surgery tests/rehab

1:07:53​ Need for a deadlift bar for competition prep

1:14:06​ Conjugate when cutting weight?

1:21:18​ Milk Fund

1:24:18​ Does Box Squat carry over to regular Squats - Coaching

1:33:40​ Advice for Coaching Career

1:44:07​ How to learn to program?

1:53:44​ Grip, Stance, Leverages

1:58:50​ Pushing through mental barriers or setbacks

2:04:00​ Abdominals cramping under heavy loads

2:10:35​ GPP Advice

2:13:20​ How to keep wrists from rolling while benching?

2:15:12​ Recovery work for beginners?

2:19:21​ Using gear to overload the movement for a raw lifter?

2:24:43​ Help future Table Talk with comments on content

2:35:30​ Static holds for bench press

2:36:52​ Low back exercises for post-surgery

2:50:15​ Benefits of a training partner

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