With summer quickly approaching, outbreaks of the prowler flu have been reported left and right in the Midwest. This year, however, there are more cases than usual and the Limited Edition Prowler and Econo Prowler are to blame.

The Prowler is difficult, quick and extremely effective. It’s been a staple in athlete’s programs alike for years and it’s the perfect conditioning device. The only side effect besides pure awesomeness - thank you for the fabulous word Pegg – is…well…you’ll know it when you feel it…

If you’re determined to stay away from the prowler flu, then I wouldn’t recommend doing the following Prowler Challenges.

Prowler Challenge #1 – The Hell that is New Jersey

·         Number of Sprints – 6

·         Rest period of each sprint – 60 seconds

·         Distance of each sprint– 40 yards

·         Weight on Prowler – 140 pounds total

·         Alternate between horns (vertical black posts) and highest low handle

This is the original Prowler Challenge from Joe DeFranco. Sprint 40 yards, rest 60 seconds. Then repeat and alternate handles. Six total sprints of this and you’ll be a complete mess. Make sure you monitor your rest periods with a stopwatch, or in Dave’s case, an iPhone application.

Prowler Challenge #2 – 500

Not the original, but just as good. Jim has done this Prowler challenge many times, both walking and sprinting. He said it doesn’t matter what you do, just get it done!

·         Number of sprints/walks – 10

·         Distance of each sprint/walk – 30 yards

·         Rest period between sprints – 60 seconds to forever

·         Weight on Prowler – varies between sprints

·         All sets done on the Horns

Here’s what each set looks like:

·         Set 1-2:  90 pounds

·         Set 3-4: 180 pounds

·         Set 5-6: 270 pounds

·         Set 7-8: 360 pounds

·         Set 9-10: 450 pounds

Push the Prowler for 30 yards with one 45 pound plate on each horn. Keep adding plates until you get to five plates per side.

Prowler Challenge #3 – Prowler Marathon

The Prowler Marathon was inspired by Marc Bartley’s Prowler trips around his gym.  Marc would load up the Prowler with an insane amount of weight and push it around the building his gym was in.  This trip was about ¼ mile, and Marc would simply try to complete the mission, taking whatever rest was needed. Your goal for the Prowler Marathon is to simply complete “the lap.”  The lap can be around the block of your gym, your home, a random neighborhood to save face, etc.

·         Weight: 90-180lbs (your choice)

·         Distance: try for ¼ to ½ mile

·         Rest periods:  whatever and whenever…just finish the workout

The Prowler Marathon is really a good weekend training excursion.

Prowler  Challenge #4 – The Fighter

Do it for the time, not the distance.

“This one probably sucks the most out of all of them. This will give you the Prowler flu and the Prowler hangover,” Jim said.

·         Push Prowler for 4 minutes, no stopping

·         Rest 1 minute

·         Push Prowler for 4 minutes, no stopping

·         Rest 1 minute

·         Push Prowler for 4 minutes, no stopping

·         Rest forever

I usually use about 180 pounds for this, and it’s ok to walk with the Prowler.  Jim recommends starting with 2 minutes of pushing time per round.

Some good stuff below from Dave...

Did you know?

Did you know that the right GPP (general physical preparation) will enhance your overall program?

Your overall fitness state determines how well nutrients pass through your system and how fast your recovery process will be. If you’re not recovering, you’re not making the gains you should be.

The important thing to note is that this type of training needs to enhance the overall strength program, not take away from it. Too many people go nuts, adding in 300 extra sessions per week, and their strength takes a dive. A few movements at the end of 2 – 3 workouts per week is really all you need to get started.


Let’s review

So we’re looking at…

  • increased physical state
  • better cardiovascular fitness
  • faster strength gains
  • better recovery

I also forgot to add lower body fat levels, the ability to bring up weak points that may be holding you back, and a better mental state.

So, with all this good stuff, why is it that so few of us place focus on this? Do we not care if we die of a heart attack? Does recovery not matter? Do we like being 99 percent body fat?

No, it isn’t any of these things. It all comes down to one simple thing…

This training sucks!

Most of you all agree, right? This was the case for me and for most lifters and athletes that I know. What I want to share with you is that there may be a better way than riding a bike or going for long walks.

No, there are better ways. One is using the Prowler.

The Prowler is one of the best training aids we have ever seen. As a matter of fact, when Jim and I first saw one during a product review trip, we both placed an order for one THAT DAY. All it took for us was seeing it, and it was a done deal.

The Prowler can change your training forever.

What is the Prowler?

Here is some information from our web store on the Prowler…

This thing is for REAL!

The Prowler is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips, and arms. The Prowler can be used in team situations and competitions, and it can make for a great atmosphere. There is an added feature that allows for weight plates to be added for increased resistance.

Now for the real stuff.

Now that we have the store copy written, let’s get to the real info. We were told about the Prowler and dismissed it as just another sled.

The Prowler is great for…

·        general conditioning

·        all types of sled dragging

·        Prowler pushes (push sled)

·        lower body strength and endurance

·        pretty much everything

The Prowler will break down to fit in your trunk or truck bed. Olympic plates not included.

Prowler movements.

Vertical push: This is the easiest motion to do with the Prowler. Grabbing the two vertical posts, sink your hips and push. This is usually done while running, but I have been known to walk a few steps.

Horizontal push: There are two horizontal bars to push from on the Prowler. We call the top bar the “horizontal push.” The horizontal bars make an athlete lower his or her hips to drive it forward.

Bucket push: We call this the bucket push because we always feel like heaving after doing this.  This is the bottom horizontal bar, and if you don’t get your hips low, you will not move the Prowler. You will simply push it into the ground.

Horizontal pull: Grabbing the top horizontal handle, simply pull the Prowler towards you. Because of your awkward positioning, the progress is slow and extremely tiring. This is done at the narrow end of the Prowler, and you can get your feet wide. Because of the placement of the handles though, you have to get low. This is killer on the hips.

Vertical pull: To perform a vertical pull, grab the bars and tug away. This exercise is done at the wider end of the Prowler so it’s harder to get your feet out of the way. This is not an easy exercise.

Forward drag: This is pretty standard and similar to sled dragging only you are using the Prowler. This is great for building your hips and legs. You can use a belt around the waist, or you can hold two sled straps like in the picture.

Triceps extensions: To set this up, we attached a sled strap to the Prowler and then attached the blast straps (see picture). We found that this set up worked well for upper body exercises. You will notice when doing this that it is best to do these with a slow steady pace.

Forward presses: These are a great way to pump up your chest and shoulders and aid in recovery.   We set this up the same as we did for the triceps extensions.

Front raise: This is another good way to pump some blood into sore shoulders. Keeping your arms straight, raise them out in front of you until they are at shoulder height. Hold this position for a few steps, and let the Prowler ease them down.

Rear raises: Who doesn’t want a bigger upper back and traps? Who doesn’t need some more work in that area? The rear raise will add some much needed mass to an area that never has enough.

So now what?

You may be asking yourself, how do I get a Prowler? Well, that’s simple. Just click here!

The Prowler Flu

The Prowler Flu is BACK! If you have a video or story to share please drop us a link or note in the comments below.