Diet trends come and go. The dieting techniques that are important this year will be old-news by next week. And more often than not, those currently popular techniques are replaced with the exact opposite guidelines: low-to-no carb is big right now, but in a year it will be ultra-high carb diets making the buzz.

Our calling as journalists is to sift through what is fad and what is scientifically justifiable. Resources like Ben Hartman and Justin Harris are invaluable in this pursuit.

In this video, the two experts take a look at current fad diets, and explain which ones are worth following, which ones are BS, and why.

  • Opinions on popular fad diets (0:20)
  • The Paleo Diet (1:17)
  • Essential carbohydrates and the “organic” myth (2:49)
  • The hormone scare (4:45)
  • Pick, kill, grow, eat. Repeat. (7:33)

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