1.) It's lighter than a barbell – The swiss bar is only around a mere 35 pounds. This makes it easy to use for a novice.

2.) Fast-track to chin-ups - If you have no means to do chin-ups, you can put it on the top of a power rack – and voila! An instant chin-up bar. Try alternating grips for a harder workout. You can do the same with a regular barbell, but the Swiss Bar allows you to use a neutral grip – wide, medium and close. These grips are usually the easiest to perform any pulling exercise with.

3.) Build massive arms – The Swiss Bar is ideal for building bigger arms. Besides the effects of pressing exercises, the bar is great for doing barbell hammer curls (great for building biceps and forearms) and triceps extensions. Using this bar for extensions is great, as it’s much easier on your elbows than a standard barbell.

4.) Easy on the shoulders – The neutral grip is great for alleviating shoulder pain when pressing. Many times a lifter will have to forego any kind of pressing exercises because he is unable to use a barbell or dumbbell. And not being able to press is not good for strength or size gains – you gotta pull and you gotta press! The Swiss Bar can allow a lifter with shoulder problems to press flat, incline or overhead with little shoulder discomfort.

5.) Great for lockout strength - Many lifters struggle with building their lockout on the bench press. The Swiss bar helps develop the strength in your triceps to lockout any big weight. The neutral handles on the bar stress the triceps to a great degree, giving extra work to the muscles that are needed to press big weights.

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