Fast & Easy Summary

·        Great for building the squat and deadlift

·        Excellent for lower back and hamstring strength

·        Form of chaos training for the squat (this is how you recover if you fall forward)

·        Very good for those who have tight hip flexors

·        Many exercise varieties

·        Can be used for max effort and supplemental work

Quick General Tips

·        Keep the weight back on your heals and hamstrings (unless seated)

·        Bar may need to be carried lower

·        Start with light weights and practice technique

Good Morning Varieties

Molly Edwards Strict Good Mornings

Suspended Arch Back Good Mornings

Arch Back Good Mornings

Seated Good Mornings *a classic Walking Good Mornings

Banded Good Mornings

High Suspended Good Mornings

Safety Bar Good Mornings

Wenning Good Morning Demonstration

Last note: If you use good mornings for max effort work, then I'd advise you keep the reps between three and five. For many years I’ve used singles and triples, and I feel triples work much better. The load was on my spine for a longer duration and the weight was lower and kept my form and technique tighter.