I am setting my goals for 2013 and would like your input as to what is considered Fit and Healthy.

  1. What is your take on body fat percentage? My guess as to my current percentage is about 18%. I was thinking 10% would be a good goal.
  2. Cholesterol is currently 300. Should I shoot for 200?
  3. Triglycerides are currently 700. How is 150?
  4. Squat is currently at 285 pounds. Goal of 1RM double bodyweight?
  5. Deadlift is currently 315 pounds. Goal of 1RM double bodyweight?
  6. Clean is 145 pounds. Goal of 1RM at 185 pounds?
  7. Military Press is 175 pounds. Goal of 1RM at 225 pounds?
  8. Pull-ups—5 reps 10 reps?
  9. Dips—15 reps 30 reps?
  10. One mile run?
  11. Blood pressure usually is 120/80. Goal of 110/70?
  12. Resting heart rate?
  13. Prowler® Push—How do you measure this? Weight x Distance?

I am currently 210 pounds, and I'm thinking I'll get down to 190 pounds given the body fat percentage goal I have. Also, at 190 pounds, I feel the above goals are realistic.

Thank you as always for your time and advice,



Sorry it took so long for me to answer.

Let's go through this one by one:

  1. Body fat: 10% is a great goal. Don't guess at what it is—get tested and do it about once a month so you are accountable. Break your goal down into smaller ones. For example, work to lose 2% in the first 30 days, and then set up a few more milestones. Remember, the lower you get, the longer it takes to lose more. Stick with it and don't cheat.
  2. This is for you and your doctor. I am not allowed to give medical advice, but I can say that having a goal to get your blood profile in order is a good one.
  3. Same answer as above.
  4. Double body weight raw is a good point to shoot for.
  5. Same as above.
  6. Adding 40 pounds to your clean in a year could be very achievable or tough depending on your technique. If you get your squat and pull-up to double your bodyweight, your clean will go up with it.
  7. For the Military press, technique is everything. Since 225 pounds is over your bodyweight, that is a good goal to shoot for. However, go for bodyweight first.
  8. Pull-ups is the easy one. Try doing five reps between each set of presses for the first week, then add a rep each week. You'll be at 10 reps in no time.
  9. Dips can be tough for many people to do a lot of. If you want to get them up to 30, try picking a number—say 25—for the first week. Then add five each week. Do as many sets as it takes to hit the total number. Try to do a rep or two more each week. I have found that this method works well.
  10. For the mile run, I have no advice. How far can you run now and how fast?
  11. 120/80 is a good blood pressure. Getting it lower should just gradually come as a result of the training.
  12. Everyone's resting heart rate is different. I have met people who are very fit and have high heart rates and people who are not fit with low ones. However, it should go down with training.
  13. Pushing the Prowler® can be done a thousand ways. What are you trying to achieve with it?

Hitting all of these goals, especially the overhead at 190 pounds, is attainable. I wish you luck.

Keep me posted.

- Murph

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