I have been following you're progress for a long time. You are a great motivation. However, I'm having a bit of a problem. I feel like I am just NOT progressing. Any tips or words of wisdom?

Also, do you set up programs for people, and if so, how much do you charge?

Lots of Respect,



None of your lifts are progressing? Well, here are some things to look at in reference to your training:

  • Are you getting your training sessions in, and do you have a set plan?
  • Where are your weaknesses on your bench, squat, and deadlift? What accessory work will you benefit from to bring those up?
  • Are you getting meals in and, more importantly, are you eating the right stuff?
  • Are you getting enough sleep, and are you recovering well from your training?

Answer these questions and you will find out where you may be slacking.

Also, let me know how you have your training split set up and what your training looks like. Then hit me back and we can figure something out to get you strong(er).

And yes, I can set up a program for you.

- Josh McMillan