Honestly? I can’t believe I just wrote this title, nor can I believe I’m going to post this article. We do some funny things in the spirit of the holidays, though, so here you go.

Actually, I’m pretty much just looking for external traffic to the site from everyone who’ll read “Bigger Biceps” on their RSS feed or Google search, then click through to see this article – at which point they’ll come to the site and see that we have a nice holiday sale going on...

But then again, is this something you didn’t already figure out? I guess the difference here is that I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bicep whore, and that if I can use some curls to generate more site traffic, I’m going for it.

Hey, I could have lied and written some impressive copy about how these “extreme exercises” will add inches to your arms in 30 days, or I could have used the same crappy slogans you see everywhere else:

You have to go slow to grow!

Curl your way to MAD biceps!

Yeah, I’m just about ready to throw up, too.

The truth of the matter is that curls are pretty much worthless for most people. You get enough bicep training with rows, pulls and other compound movements. If, however, you’re looking to train your biceps for cosmetic reasons – or just like the “burn” – then here’s a list of movements you can try. Truth in advertising, right?

If these don't get it done for you, try grabbing a standard barbell and curling it a few times.

to see if we have any specials going on that interest you.

Seated Barbell Curls

Dumbbell Cheat Curls

Fat Zig Zag Bar Curls

Incline Dumbbell Curls with Fat Gripz

Supra Bar Curls

Drag Curls

Face Curls

Rope Curls

Fat Bar Curls

The Kroc Curl