Chris Duffin joined elitefts™ several weeks ago. From the moment we announced his addition to the site, he has been a reader-favorite, his articles jumping to the top of the popularity list.

And he's been well-known since long before then. Primarily due to his world record squat and ability to train harder and more often than almost anyone, members of the strength and conditioning community have realized that, if they want to get stronger, Chris Duffin is a man they need to listen to. He is a lifter capable of hitting a Yoke Bar Squat PR on Wednesday and a max-weight deadlift on Saturday of the same week. We're still trying to find a way to harvest his DNA and sell it in a new elitefts™ signature supplement.

But beyond his incredible lifting, Chris Duffin has a life story as unbelievable as his unequipped competitive numbers. He was willing to share this story with us. Now, we're sharing it with you.

  • Duffin's unusual childhood (0:15)
  • How did Duffin become involved in sports? (1:48)
  • How has Duffin's childhood influenced his life philosophy? (2:56)
  • Duffin's educational and professional background (4:32)
  • The difference between physical and intellectual accomplishments (6:08)
  • What makes Duffin's life fulfilling? (7:15)