Brian Schwab’s longevity in the sport of powerlifting (he is the longest standing still-competing member of elitefts™ and 20-year veteran of the sport) should be enough to catch any aspiring lifter’s attention. He has managed to be nationally ranked in the 148 and 165-pound weight classes for more years than most lifters even stay in the sport. Schwab spent eight consecutive years as the number one ranked 148-pound lifter in the world, by Powerlifting USA’s records. He holds the highest all-time total in the 148-pound weight class and is an Arnold Classic WPO Champion in the lightweight division.

Schwab is now bringing together all of the knowledge his experience has granted him. In addition to his new, all-inclusive training eBook, we’re giving you, the readers, an opportunity to become more familiar with him. In this first video inquisition with Schwab, Senior Content Manager Steve Colescott takes a look at Schwab’s background and explores some of his most important moments in powerlifting.

  • Which three of Brian’s many competitions mean the most to him? (0:26)
  • What does Brian feel he has left to accomplish as a lifter (2:43)
  • How did Brian become a part of elitefts™? (3:28)
  • What does elitefts™ mean to Brian? (4:08)