By now, you've likely seen video from our April training camp with JL Holdsworth, Swede Burns, and Casey Williams. We've already posted a full three-part series from the Q&A (which can be found here, here, and here) and Dave's closing speech (available to watch here).  We are now sharing our final collection of footage from the event: exclusive coverage of the bench pressing portion of the day.

In this video, the three coaches each walk their respective groups through the inviolable principles of bench pressing. Focusing specifically on topics such as setup, bar path, lat tightness, and leg drive, JL, Swede, and Casey demonstrate how to bench properly and improve your strength and efficiency.

Casey Williams

  • (0:25) Setup and execution for the best leg drive
  • (1:13) Bar path for benching

Swede Burns

  • (1:45) Lat tightness while unracking and pressing the bar
  • (2:40) Coaching demonstration of proper setup

JL Holdsworth

  • (4:45) Tucked under vs wide bench position
  • (6:40) Bench principle number one: you have to be tight
  • (7:38) Unracking the bar

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