We are now two videos into our article series on the elitefts Training Camp with JL Holdsworth, Swede Burns, and Casey Williams. So far, we have covered two main topics:

  1. What the coaches wish they would have known when they started lifting
  2. How a lifter can find balance in their workouts to ensure they are training hard enough but not overtraining

In this third video, JL, Swede, and Casey dive deeper into weight management, recovery, and programming. Among the many questions they address, they discuss dropping weight or transitioning to a lower competitive weight class without losing strength, how recovery varies between lifters based on a variety of factors, and how you can adjust your training and lifestyle if you aren't recovering well.

(0:36) Weight class transition without losing strength

(2:09) Thinking long term for weight, strength, and appearance levels

(3:55) How complex should training be for beginners?

(5:33) What training factors should be considered for older lifters?

(7:02) Microcycle length and other training program factors of recoverability

(9:35) Energy systems and their relationship to strength and recovery

(11:00) The biggest lifestyle factors of recovery