In the first video we shared of the elitefts Training Camp with JL Holdsworth, Swede Burns, and Casey Williams, the three elitefts team members discussed the things they wish they would have known when they started in the sport. This time, the topic is a little more specific: how can a lifter find balance in their workouts to ensure they're training hard enough but not overtraining? One of the most crucial aspects of a training program is exposing your body to the proper amounts of stress to force progress, without pushing to the point that exceeds your capability to recover. As part of the event, and in this video, the three coaches help explain how to do this.

JL, Swede, and Casey answers multiple questions in this video, ranging from how to control training intensity to picking openers to nutrition for powerlifters. With their combined experience and varying backgrounds, the answers they give are unique in themselves while also coinciding with the knowledge of one another. This shows just one small part of the information shared at the training camp.

  • (0:37) What are the keys to finding balance between training hard but not overtraining?
  • (0:43) Every training program, no matter what program it is, you must have rules.
  • (1:40) Only hit two PRs in a day, no more.
  • (2:42) Don't miss in training — neurological consequences of missing max attempts in training.
  • (3:28) Perspective of lifting heavy in the gym — if you mentally have to hit a PR, do a rep PR.
  • (4:37) How do you decide what weight your opener should be?
  • (5:20) Peaking cycle numbers and percentages will determine opening attempts.
  • (6:55) How do you handle nutrition in powerlifting?
  • (7:05) Bodyweight and composition for geared lifters of the past vs raw lifters today.
  • (10:13) Work with someone to understand the principles of proper nutrition.
  • (11:09) Powerlifters who want to look like bodybuilders and the positive impact of CrossFit.

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