In April, we held a Training Camp with JL Holdsworth, Swede Burns, and Casey Williams at the S4 Compound. Since the event, we have shared three videos from the morning question-and-answer session:

  1. What Do You Wish You Would've Done Sooner
  2. Overtraining, Openers, and Body Composition
  3. Recovery and Weight Class Transition 

To gain the benefits of the training sessions and hands-on coaching that took place following the Q&A that morning, you would've had to attend the event — we can only provide those services in person. But the other events of the day we are sharing with you now. This video shows the first 15 minutes of Dave's closing speech at the training camp.

  • (0:40) What these training camps mean to Dave
  • (2:30) Having a purpose to train
  • (6:09) You aren't always going to break a record but you should always learn
  • (7:45) Training as a top-four priority in life
  • (9:43) When will the next Training Camp be?
  • (13:40) Dave's expectations for coaches at elitefts events