Remember 2010, when Dave completely transformed his body? For today's Blast from the Past, we're revisiting that time period, to a question he was asked after reaching his lowest body fat percentage:

"How did you cope with the transformation you went through and how hard was it to correct your diet after all those years?"

To answer the question, Dave has to go back to several years before the video was recorded, to when he had to retire from powerlifting. At the time, Dave didn't have a choice to not cope with his need for a body transformation. When his health went to hell and every indicator on his blood work got worse and worse, he had to make a change. It just so happened that he was at a place in his life that he was ready for something different from a training perspective as well.

Harder than coping with the dieting, Dave says, was accepting that he would not compete in powerlifting again. He made this decision based on injuries and the fact that he had been doing it for so long in his life, but it wasn't easy. It's hard to walk away from something you love to do, but given the time requirements, the business he was working to build, and the other priorities in his life, he had to give it up. That was much harder to cope with than the diet, which Dave says is nothing more than a simple conscious decision to change your eating habits. Once you decide to do it—if you truly decide—you just make it happen. You do it. A lot of people who fail with diets want to diet or would like to diet, but they never really make the decision to do so. Once you make the decision, it's a simple daily task of living out what you've already chosen to do.

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