It is a nice and warm day where I am. It’s in the mid-60s inside the room, but outside, opening those doors, stepping outside, you’ll easily get sunburned, it’s well over 100 degrees — maybe 110. And yet my wife has the heater on inside. I am not exaggerating at all. But I’m not sweating at all. It’s actually really comfortable weather for us.

I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to work on today. I woke up today; I slept crooked and my back’s a little bit twisted, but as soon as I actually got out of bed and stood up, got my pelvis reset, I felt really good ever since. I’ve got an ice pack on my back and I need a back haircut as well.

There’s a lot of stuff I want to work on today. I want to keep moving the chains forward. I’ve got my general stuff — shoulder dislocates, rotator cuff work, dumbbell laterals, Arnold presses in the back, getting in a bench press with the bands, a bench press without the bands, continue working on the incline PVC press, and then I’ve got a list of several exercises I want to try today. If I try them today, I’ll get a general idea on if and how I can work them into a beneficial program I can use throughout the rest of the year.

If you’re one of my clients or you’re just watching this video and you want to learn something, at the end of every training session, try one or two things that’s just new. I suggest that they’re not hard. Try a new exercise, try something you’ve seen somebody try, try a new machine in the gym and just see if it feels right. See if it works well for you. If it does great, if it doesn’t, maybe figure why it doesn’t. File it under the “maybe” file. If it’s total crap, throw it away. Always be looking for exercises that you think you can put to good use and put them to good use every chance you get.

Right now, I’m going to put this nice weather to good use, and I’m going to get to training.

  1. Mag Grip Seated Banded Row
  2. Plate/Dumbbell Laterals
  3. Seated Arnold Press
  4. Bench Press with Bands
  5. Bench Press (without bands)
  6. Incline PVC Press
  7. Spud Strap Seated Row
  8. Single Arm Spud Strap Seated Row
  9. Modified Belt Squats

Overall, this was a solid training session all the way through. Pretty exhausting shoulder work, lateral work went pretty well, got a great pump; Arnold presses in the back went solid, and I went up 10 pounds on a dumbbell for that one and only three sets this week.

My bench press feels stronger every week, and I think that’s the extra lat work I’ve been doing on Mondays along with better quality food. Extra sunlight’s helped as well.

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