Do powerlifters need to have a dynamic effort day in their training program? Do Olympic weightlifters need speed work? Does an athlete need a training session each week devoted to speed? Do you need a dynamic effort training day?

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Clint Darden answers these questions in the below video, which includes both discussion of dynamic work and demonstration of how he sets up his own powerlifting speed day. Among his important points:

  • In almost any sport, power and output are the goal. Football, baseball, soccer, martial arts, powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting — it all comes down to output and power. Can your output out put everyone else?
  • Speed is the one factor that you can tweak and turn the most in order to alter your performance. If you add a little speed, you will see a very different outcome.
  • If you are doing a skill-based activity, you must improve technically in order to be better.
  • All athletes can benefit from raising their training max.

Clint also gives a summary of his training and adjustments for his speed work:

  • Box Squats — OBB Handles and Raw
  • Good Mornings — OBB Handles and Bands
  • Bench — Weight Releasers, Chains, and Bands
  • Accessories — Abs and Triceps