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Recovery and pain management are essential to success in the strength game — especially if you want to stick around for the long run. The lower back and hips, which both receive more than their fair share of stress in sports and strength training, are two of the most important areas to address for staying strong, healthy, and pain-free. One technique that many athletes have utilized in recent years is stretching of the hips and decompression of the back by hanging upside down with bands in a power rack. The spinal traction this provides often relieves pain and helps lifters and athletes perform, whether used before or after a training session. The problem with this technique is that it's difficult to set up and awkward to get into and out of position. The Big Ray Strap, Spud Inc.'s newest product, solves these issues.

In this video, Marc Bartley explains what led to the design of the Big Ray Strap and how it can be best used. As he walks through the benefits of the product—such as enabling you to avoid the frustration of lining up bands and getting set up in a rack, as well as working for any size person to stretch their lower back and hips—he has Dale demonstrate use.

About the product:

If you love the amazing feeling that traction gives you while hanging then you are going to love the Big Ray Strap. The Big Ray Strap allows for even big guys to only need to use one of our Godzilla bands to get all the way suspended. If you are tired of having to set the bands so high you literally have to climb on something to get into them, you need this strap! The Big Ray Strap allows you to get into position faster and easier than just using bands alone. It also allows for a wider range of stretching and range of motion.

Why do we call it the Big Ray strap? Well, we were inspired after seeing a picture of Big Ray Williams hanging upside down on bands that were so stretched he was practically on the floor. It takes a lot to hang a big guy that strong, so we decided that we could help out. Even if you don't squat over 1,000 pounds raw, you could use this awesome strap.

WATCH: The New Headquarters of Spud Inc.


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