Earlier this month we shared an inside look at the home gym of elitefts CFO Steve Diel. While in his home gym, Steve also walked us through the use of several pieces of equipment, demonstrating the design, setup, and proper use of the items. For the first item feature, Steve walked through the use of the elitefts Core Blaster. In today's video, Steve now discusses the most essential item in his home gym: the elitefts 3x3 Rack.

As he said in the original video on his home gym, anything you need to do to be a successful competitive powerlifter can be done in the 3x3 Rack, and the configurations are nearly endless. There are numerous accessories and add-ons that you can incorporate to make your training complete and fit both your training needs and space limitations.

On his rack, Steve shows several accessories:

Steve also gives special focus to two of his favorite features that make the 3x3 Rack unique:

J-Hook Design

Steve shows that one of the benefits of the elitefts rack over others is the design of the J-Hooks. The J-Hooks on the 3x3 are designed with a lip wide enough to hold the weight in place but not so wide that they'll make it difficult to unrack a heavy bench press without a handoff. Steve has two sets of J-Hooks so that he can have one set lower and one set higher, reducing the time he has to spend on adjustments between movements.

Rod and Pipe Safety System

The purpose of the rod and pipe system—and the benefit over the traditional single-arm safety system—is to disperse the force of the weight when it lands on the safety arms. When heavy weight drops, from a movement such as rack pulls, a barbell can very easily bend and wear down over time. With the rod and pipe system, the force of the weight hitting the safety arms is dispersed, reducing the damage done to the barbell and increasing the longevity of the equipment.

Setting up your own 3x3 Rack can use any combination of the accessories Steve shows, or your own choice from a number of other options available from elitefts.

Product Details

The 3x3 Power Rack is our number one selling power rack. It's strong enough to hold up to hundreds of athletes per day in a university setting yet it's still reasonably priced.

The 3x3 Power Rack does not need to be bolted down and is perfect for squatting, benching, deadlifting, overhead pressing, rack pulls, chins-ups, step-ups, dips, and any other exercise you can do with a bar. Think you're strong? Try to outlift this rack. It has been home to 800-pound benches, 900-pound deadlifts, and 1000-pound squats. This rack is built for extreme lifting and a lifetime of abuse.

The 3x3 Power Rack also offers 1.5 to two-inch hole spacing, which makes it quite safe when training alone. The short spacing gaps are also great for doing rack pulls and pin lockouts.

Now you can get the 3x3 rack and mix and match the options to better suit your needs. Do you want weight racks? Band pegs? How about a chin-up bar? An adjustable box squat box? Flat to incline bench? This is the rack you have been dreaming and now it can be yours!

What separates elitefts racks from the competition?

  • Backer plates at all connection points. This provides greater stability and ensures that the rack frame will not be damaged or bent during assembly.
  • Rear K-Brace standard on all racks to help stabilize the rack.
  • Weight storage is welded to a 3/8-inch flat bar then bolted onto the rack for the strongest weight storage possible.
  • Sumo base to allow a wide stance for squatting and deadlifting.
  • Completely customizable to fit your needs including but not limited to color, height, chin bars, etc.
  • Comes partially assembled to allow for the first training session to begin quicker with the least amount of assembly as possible.
  • 11-gauge steel (1/8-inch thick), using backer plates that are 3/8-inch thick the bolts have 1/2-inch of material supporting the connection on one side and 3/8-inch on the other.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Lifetime warranty on all frames and welds.
  • Tested by the strongest athletes in the world.