You can recruit help for your training. You can hire a coach. You can join a serious training crew; train with lifters who will give you cues, adjust your technique, and teach you to become more aggressive in the gym.

But these people aren't responsible for your success. Only you are. Your coaches, your training partners, the nice equipment you train on — they're resources. Valuable resources, but resources nonetheless. Nothing more.

If you want to get better, you have to be able to coach yourself when no one else is around, when you're in the gym by yourself. This is something that all great athletes know; it is important to take knowledge from others, but it is your responsibility and your responsibility alone to put that knowledge to use. This means reminding yourself, day after day, session after session, rep after rep.

This video shows Clint, training by himself in the House of Biceps, coaching himself through a session.

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