This is the first video in a series between Acumobility’s Brad Cox and Kabuki Strength’s Chris Duffin. These two team up to produce some extraordinary information on re-patterning techniques, correctives, and cueing for strength training. Brad and Chris meld their innovative style of assessment and corrective strategies together as they apply to strength athletes.

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In this piece they address both hip shift and pelvic tilt when we see them in squatting and deadlifting patterns. Instead of simply giving some quick fixes, Brad and Chris walk through five different assessments. They then with each assessment provide strategies for dealing with the issues depending on the assessments results. This in depth video covers 40 minutes of rapid-fire work on assessing and correcting issues with their two synergistic approaches to human function.

While it isn’t possible to address every single cause of these two issues, they do an amazing job at covering all the big hitters in regards to root cause. More in depth and specific videos will be also be available on the Kabuki Strength Movement portal Kabuki.MS with their indexed and organized video library.

The Acumobility products featured in this video are available on here on Many of Kabuki Strength’s products can be found on EliteFTS as well. If not you can also visit their page.

Keep an eye out for more collaborative efforts between Kabuki Strength and Acumobility.