Jujimufu and Tom Boyden continue their discussion with John Meadows at elitefts in London, Ohio while wrapping up their OK tour. In this video, a reader asks Jujimufu what his next gym purchase will be.

The conversation starts off with John remarking on the notable lack of leg training equipment at Jujimufu’s garage gym. Jujimufu agrees and cites a lack of space and a reliance on squats to fill his leg-training needs as an excuse for this equipment deficiency. Unsurprisingly, Jujimufu’s knees do not appreciate this absence of dedicated machines, which all three professionals agree are good for both building muscle and not ruining joints. Meadows’ input on the subject of leg training machines is simple: ya just gotta know how to use em; that’s it.

When asked directly what his next leg machine purchase will be, Jujimufu struggles to come up with an answer. John steps in with two suggestions: leg curl and a pendulum squat. The pendulum squat machine was clearly not on Jujimufu’s radar, as he hasn’t encountered or used one before.

Space considerations are still on Jujimufu’s mind, upgrading from “Gym Fort” to “Gym Farm,” with the dream of an open training facility that maintains a garage feel, but where tight spaces are a thing of the past.

Acquiring a goat to compliment the Gym Farm experience, perhaps it should come as no surprise that the man behind the Mountain Dog training regimen has an affinity for the sure-footed ungulates. He advises that one goat will not be enough — you need two to prevent loneliness. Clearly, this is something he has thought about before. His personal desire is to have two pygmy goats that'll undergo a rigorous training program centered around fainting. Be careful, he advises: managing a goat’s food intake is a massive undertaking. They’ll eat anything, but Meadows fully intends to keep his goats clean. No creatine, no steroids.

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