Holding a World Championship is the highest honor a powerlifter can achieve. There are no Nike shoe contract deals. Chris Duffin will not soon be striking a deal with Hanes to appear in a chain of plain white t-shirt commercials, just as Marshall Johnson will not be the next spokesman for Adidas. There are no opportunities to meet the President after a record-setting season, no Beats by Dre headphone endorsements, and no overnight fame.

But there is the World Championships — the platform every aspiring powerlift dreams of competing on. Organized and promoted my Metal owner Ano Turtianen, the WPC World Championships was this year hosted in West Palm Beach Florida and brought in lifters from all across the world. Team elitefts was present and in full force.

Competitor and coach interviews, equipment coverage, behind-the-scenes footage, meet day video — it's all included in this compilation from a week that shows lifters putting everything on the line for the sport they love.