In this series compilation, Dave is joined by long-standing elitefts member and Westside veteran JL Holdsworth. Close to 50 minutes in length (broken up into 5 videos), these two talk about Westside, vomit, blood, cysts, spine health, circa max training, pizza, and more. This actually was the first time Dave sat down with a guest for Table Talk and because it was such a success it began a trend for future episodes with a variety of guests (Jim Wendler, Maliek Derstine, Justin Harris, and more). Check out the entire JL playlist on Youtube, too. Enjoy!

Episode 1

In this Table Talk video, Dave and JL  discuss the impact that Westside had on their futures as lifters and businessmen in the world of strength sports. They each give specific examples of what they learned and from whom they learned it. Dave and JL both openly discuss the experience of training at a gym like Westside, surrounded by the strongest and most intense lifters in the world. For most powerlifters, this video is as close as you will ever get to understanding Westside.

Episode 2

In this edition of Table Talk, Dave and special guest JL Holdsworth tell stories about the worst things they've seen in both categories of disgusting. In response to the question, "What is your most disgusting gym or meet story?", Dave and JL recount a gruesome injury and a nausea-inducing medical issue. Not recommended for the faint of heart.

Episode 3

In this Table Talk video, Dave and JL talk about the aspects of Circa Max that many lifters overlook. Discussing how to peak for a meet, Dave and JL cover the following points:

  • A Circa Max phase is only for an advanced lifter — beginner or intermediate lifters should peak using a different method.
  • The last heavy squat of a Circa Max phase should be three weeks before the meet. This should be the most difficult squat of the whole training cycle and should take three whole weeks to recover from.
  • The number one rule of Circa Max: the last workout should crush you. You should be able to do it, but it should take everything you've got to finish the lift.
  • The top end weight of your Circa Max lifts must be equal, close to, or greater than your max lifts. This is what makes it Circa Max.
  • You cannot enter Circa Max at any time you choose. You have to train just to be ready for Circa Max. When you start it, you should already be prepared and ready for the meet.

Episode 4

For this Table Talk video, JL Holdsworth joins Dave Tate to talk about the spine and how to maintain a healthy spine as you progress through powerlifting or other strength sports. Among the many points they cover is the importance of how you sleep. Whether it means two pillows or seven pillows, the best thing you can do for your back is ensure that you are sleeping in a position that isn't detrimental to the health of your spine. The other primary factor in spinal health? How you train.

Episode 5

In this video, Dave and JL cover a variety of topics, including the importance of getting real-world experience outside of your field of expertise. They specifically discuss how the first jobs they ever had in life produced skills and lessons that have carried over to being business owners.

Several of the many points they cover:

  • Pizza is more about sauce than anything else.
  • "If the sauce tastes like shit, your pizza is worthless."
  • If you want cheese sticks, order a great hand-tossed pizza and some cheese sticks. Don't try to get both unless you're going to order both.
  • JL's first job was sweeping floors in an auto repair shop. Dave's was cleaning toilets.
  • Among JL's jobs before he became a successful business owner: pizza shop, Subway, janitorial work, telemarketing, and door-to-door sales.
  • Playing it safe in life won't take you very far.

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