It is an undisputed law of strength sports that you will experience pain. Some pain comes during the training session — this is the kind that you want to endure. It means you're getting better. But the other kind of pain, the pain that sneaks up on you over time, settles into your joints and aches throughout the day — that's the pain that you don't want. It isn't a badge of honor; it's a cost of the sport but it's something you can and should overcome.

These aches are most troublesome when they begin to limit your training. What if your heavy bench day falls after a squat day that tore up your shoulders? What if your elbow pain and biceps tendonitis keeps you from pressing forcefully from the bottom of your bench?

These are issues that build up over time primarily through inflammation. When flare-ups occur, there are ways to circumvent the pain and prevent future irritations. In this edition of Table Talk, Dave Tate tells you how.

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