Most hobbies don't require life-consuming discipline. Like to fish? Not a problem for you to spend a Saturday at home instead of on the lake. Casual golfer? Stay inside when the other guys are on the course and you won't suffer. Live near the beach and love to surf? Do it or don't do it whenever you want and you'll be just fine.

But that isn't lifting. If you miss a training session every week, your 12-week progression falls apart. If you spend a whole week away from the gym while you're getting ready for a meet, you'll have to regroup and rewrite your program. If you blow your diet while you're preparing for a show, you'll spend days and weeks trying to make up for it. No matter how much you love to train, you're not going to achieve your goals without staying committed.

Lifting may be fun for you but it also requires discipline. How can you balance the two?

Dave answers that question in this week's Table Talk.

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