Taking on more questions in his Table Talk video series, Dave responds to Instagram user big_ginger_viking to talk about core exercises.

For the purpose of this video, Dave interprets "core" to mean the exercises of the abdominal area, including the obliques and lower back. "Core exercises" could also be used to refer to the most essential exercises in a training program, which would make Dave's answer very different than what is seen in this video.

There are two main exercises that Dave says are the most important for training the abdominals: hanging leg raises and pulldown abs. For the lower back, he says to focus on back raises and the reverse hyper. Small adjustments can be made to each of these movements to allow for hundreds of possible exercise combinations.

Dave says you should place these exercises in two places in your training program:

  1. As a warm-up to every training session, including bench workouts.
  2. As an accessory exercises on squat and deadlift days.

In the video, Dave explains how to program these exercises into a strength-oriented training plan and also shares the core warm-up that he writes for every powerlifter he works with.

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