Training with an online coach poses unique difficulties that you won't encounter with hands-on coaching. It can sometimes be difficult to know which coach to pick. Heck, considering Facebook as your means of scouting, you may be attracted to the impressive before and after pics, numerous powerlifting videos, and 5-star client testimonials. Please don't be fooled by this. Sure Facebook can be used as one source of representation, but do your homework with caution. Look at the entire picture. Ask questions. Ultimately, consider how this person will meet your unique needs and end goal.

In this installment of Table Talk, Dave describes the process that you as a client should be going through before clicking BUY and post transaction. What questions should you really be asking? Once you've settled on a professional to work with, then what? What does this new relationship entail? What are you responsible for? What are the red flags appearing in week 5 that weren't visible week 1-4?

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