Here's a hypothetical question for you to consider:

If one inch of your penis meant 100 pounds on your total, how much would you give or take away? Would you add as many pounds to your total as possible, leaving only a nub between your legs? Would you choose a life of weakness, opting instead for the glory of a 16-inch dong?

That's the question for this edition of Table Talk. Yes, we're serious. Dave answers how high he would let his total rise in exchange for penile reduction, which opens way to a conversation about commitment to the sport of powerlifting. Obsessive love for the sport may seem a little unbalanced, but how will you ever know what it means to be balanced if you aren't unbalanced? The person who always win is the person who sacrifices the most, and there is no way around that rule. If you aren't willing to pay the price, you aren't going to be on top, ever.

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