We are now three videos into the series covering Jim Wendler's September 2017 UGSS presentation. To review, in the first video Jim introduced his training philosophy and discussed how it applies to training athletes — particularly youth athletes. In part two, Jim went on to give special attention to the differences between the mental and physical aspects of training kids.

In part three, this video, Jim goes into great detail about the specifics of programming for middle school and high school age groups. He discusses concepts such as mobility and calisthenics, SEC players who can't do push-ups, and training for explosiveness.

Some of Jim's best quotes from the video:

  • "If someone can't do a glute ham raise it's the best thing ever, because our job is so easy."
  • "This is awesome. You are so piss weak that you can only get better."
  • "He was an SEC football player, a starter, and he couldn't do a push-up."
  • "If you watched Walter Payton play you'd think he'd never die. Never. He was the toughest SOB ever."
  • "Everything is a circuit. Everything. God forbid they get a little bit stronger. There's some really kooky shit I've seen."
  • "What I have found is that mobility isn't so much about what you do, it's just you doing it consistently. So in order to prevent boredom I have a bunch of different stuff that I do."
  • "No matter what we do with box jumps, as long as we put it at a fairly high level, kids have to give it 100% effort."
  • "When you suffer with people, that makes you closer."
  • "While you're walking perfectly straight, I'm setting world records."

By the minute:

  • Middle school athletic training (0:18)
  • Mobility program progression (1:10)
  • Calisthenics (2:48)
  • Walter Payton and the development of an athlete (6:08)
  • Balancing training needs (7:10)
  • Variety and consistency of everyday mobility movements (10:22)
  • Box jumps and throws (10:50)
  • Accessory work as conditioning (14:00)
  • Mobility at Westside (18:40)