elitefts™ Pro Short Strong Resistance Band

Short and Strong! This band offers resistance for a wide range of exercises, helping you tone and strengthen your muscles. Get ready to level up your fitness game with this durable and dependable exercise band. 

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elitefts™ Pro Short Strong Resistance Band

elitefts™ Pro Short Strong Resistance Band

After years of messing around, trying to make sure the band tension was the same on each side of the barbell and trying to figure out how to use them for the deadlift, we decided there had to be a better way. Now there is...

       elitefts™ Pro Short Strong Band Specifications:

          • Sold and priced individually
          • Material: Natural Latex Rubber
          • Length: 12 in
          • Width: 2.5 in
          • Thickness: 0.1875 in
          • Seamless loop
          • Color: Blue

        Benefits of Pro Short Bands:

        • Easy to set up
        • No need for a platform for band deadlifts
        • Balanced tension
        • Heavier ones have a wider base compared to double looping or quad looping the bands (this can cause them to shred)


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