Team elitefts is a multi-faceted team with many talents. While three of the four athletes headed to the Columbus Convention Center in the Arnold Expo are powerlifters competing on one day at the XPC Worlds, we have one strongman who’s competing for the long haul.

Matt Mills is looking forward to a potential three-day weekend at the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships.

Competition Details:

  • What: Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships
  • When: Friday-Sunday, March 1st-3rd, 2019
  • Where: Columbus Convention Center in the Arnold Expo, Exhibit Hall B
  • Weight Class: Heavyweight

Events by Day:

  • Friday, March 1st: 330-pound Log Clean and Press and 340-pound Farmers Walk for 60 feet.
  • Saturday, March 2nd: 700-pound Axle Deadlift and 400-pound Block Carry to Hand-Over-Hand 500-pound Sled Pull.
  • Sunday, March 3rd: Top 10 competitors only. Press Medley — 330-pound Axle Press, 360-pound Barbell Press, and 230-pound Dumbbell Press — and Mystery Final Event.

Favorite Events

The events I'm looking forward to are the Log Clean and Press and the Axle. Pressing and deadlifting have always been strengths of mine. The one I’m least looking forward to is the Block Carry, as it's very awkward to pick up and move with.

Prior Arnold Experience

This will be my second time competing at the Arnold. I had a great time the first time I went, making it to the third day and placing 9th out of 50 competitors. The competition was very well run without much downtime. I would say the only downside for me at least is eating. I have to have all my meals shipped, as my stomach doesn't do very well with eating out for a few days.


Two of my friends I'll be competing against are also middleweight pros like myself competing as heavyweights:  Anthony Fuhrman and Terry Rady.

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