Incase you are not aware, inflammation is an essential part of training adaptation. Training is catabolic process that is breaking down tissue, this causes inflammation and in turn stimulates the recovery process. This is a gross simplification of it but you get an idea.

Generally speaking the goal of anti-oxidant supplementation is to help mitigate free radicals cause by inflammation and stressors. However supplementing high dose anti-oxidants near training time can inhibit adaptation, shown in this Suppversity review.

The study was done on elderly men who underwent a well put together 12 week resistance training program.

"High dosage vitamin C and E supplementation blunts certain muscular adaptation to strength training in man. In that, dosages are too high to be derived sole from foods"

If you eat an excessive amount of fruit and vegetables you may near the inhibiting dose area but it has to be excessive. As with all studies, this does not mean it is law. It is simply a process noted through research that should lead you to think critically. What this means to you? Try to avoid anti-oxidant supplementation especially near training times. That is not to say they do not have use or function, but I think utilizing other supplements may do your training adaptations better than 2 grams of vitamin C.

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