Nowadays pretty much everyone and their mother is on a diet, or at least trying to cut down on calorie consumption.  That is except for most of you power lifters--Joey Smith can attest and is quoted at the elitefts™ Power Lifting Experience saying, "I'm staying fat."  elitefts™ has the gear for you Joey Smith, and friends: the Not Shredded Not Concerned apparel line.

For a lot of us though, Bonnie Taub-Dix, of the U.S. News Health, wrote an article suggesting some simple lifestyle changes that can help us lose weight and keep it off.  8 Mindless Habits to Break if You Want to Lose Weight points out the blindingly obvious habits we've fallen into as a culture, and how to avoid them.  Among the habits, she also points out that we make, on average, about 200 food-related choices daily.  That gives us plenty of chances to choose wisely, but on the reverse spectrum, plenty of chances to eat poorly.

Bonnie recommends:
1)  Keep Fruit on Your Kitchen Counter
2)  Store Snack Foods in Opaque Containers
3)  Don't Finish Others' Leftovers
4)  Don't Have a Candy Dish
5)  Snacks Correlate to What Type of Entertainment You're Watching
6)  Use Smaller Plates
7)  Store Sugary Drinks Away From Eye Level
8)  Always Portion Food, Don't Eat Out of the Package

Many of these are extremely simple solutions and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine/replace your daily routine.  The article mentioned, that through studies, all of these techniques work quite well for either losing weight or just not gaining it.