Chris Duffin is adored by fans of his Kabuki Warrior blog and his seemingly endless content with elitefts. But up-and-coming lifters aren't the only ones who see Duffin as an invaluable asset.

Duffin met up with Stan Efferding and Eric Spoto last week, and pushed some more information to his Kabuki Warrior site:

 Last weekend I took a trip to Las Vegas and worked with my friend Stan Efferding (World Strongest Bodybuilder) and also Eric Spoto (worlds strongest raw bench presser).  I have been working with Eric Spoto on his rotator cuff surgery rehab plan over the last several months.  Eric has been working with his physical therapist on his rehab plan while I was guiding him on his training in the gym and other recuperative movements that fell within those parameters.   With Eric’s progress he had reached a point that we could begin incorporating the ShouldeRok to deal with some of the root issues that could have led to his surgery to begin with.  It was time to build the platform for ongoing strength and shoulder health for his continued dominance in the bench press, prompting this trip.

Upon learning that I was coming down I received a text from Stan asking if I could help him dial in some changes on his deadlift.  At least the text was sent to my phone, but I was confused as he was referencing the “mad scientist” for assistance.  Upon arriving at the Iron House gym Stan cleared up that he was indeed talking about me, as you will see in the following video.  Upon reflection the nickname is fitting given my tendency to tinker with and improve everything including my machining, 4 wheeling rigs, gym devices, and human movement.

Don’t worry the actual coaching videos will follow in coming weeks.