Steve Goggins is not only a member of team elitefts, he is also the founder of his own powerlifting team, Goggins Force. His group of lifters, which he proudly states includes competitors of all skill levels, showed up to the Arnold Sports Festival to compete at the IPF/USAPL Pro Raw Challenge.

“The day started off slow and the team didn’t feel as well because of the two-hour weigh in, but as things got warmed up it started going pretty good,” Goggins said. “It’s top notch here, the competition is the best in the United States.”

His team members Dicy Saylor and Angel Bivens stacked up well against the other lifters:

Dicy Saylor:

  • 280-Pound Squat
  • 160-Pound Bench
  • 303-Pound Deadlift
  • 743-Pound Total

Angela Bivens:

  • 314-Pound Squat
  • 176-Pound Bench
  • 418-Pound Deadlift
  • 908-Pound Total

“It was hard to drop weight and then come back around in two hours,” Saylor said. “Squat was pretty hard but got better after that”

“I hit my best deadlift ever, I felt really, really good about that,” Bivens said. "It was a great day overall.”

You can check out more about Steve on his coaching log here and find out more about Goggins Force on his website