Be really hot. This is number 1 and counts for about 95% of your potential success. As a guy, be prepared to never wear a shirt and have abs year around. For a girl, its all about the titties and ass. The more photos you take that could be considered soft core/gay muscle porn, the greater the chance of success.

Get really good at social media→Live and die by updates yo!-Tweeter your IG while FBing your twiter. For content→softcore porn fotos, ALL THE TIME. Super impose quotes over them. Call your followers “my loves”. Master showing your face and ass at the SAME TIME.

People will assume you know what your talking about because of how you look, so focus solely on that. Avoid at all costs any intellectual challenges or questions that you don’t know what the fuck you are doing. The more jacked and tanner and less clothed you can be, the more credibility goes up. Repost articles that sound good and say “So true” and “I agree!”. Any questions about your knowledge, just block those people, and talk about fighting back against “Haters”.

Offer meal plans. You can find these online and they are easy to plagiarize. Copy and paste three of them; 1200 calories, 1500 calories, 2000 calories. Swear up and down this is your getting ripped diet. Try to remember to edit out the names of people when you send them

Get Sponsored!!-You will be getting paid in supplements for all your hard work.

All the thousands of dollars spent on drugs, gym memberships, and matching clothing, its paid off now that you get a FREE JUG OF PROTEIN AND PREWORKOUT EACH MONTH!!

Post about these supplements constantly, and how you cannot live without them. Take photos of you with the supplements, and remember the Ass/face/ab rule.

Remember, its not about cultivating respect, credibility, or any real marketable skills or services that benefit other human beings, except for providing inspirational content for white knight and schmoes to masturbate to on instagram.

You are TRULY a fitness saint.

Your following equals your ego and worth in life. You owe it to yourself to get as many followers as possible.

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