We're excited to announce Jason Brown as the newest addition to Team elitefts.

Jason has been involved in the fitness industry for close to 14 years working with athletes from all walks of life (including soccer moms, professional athletes, and military personnel) almost exclusively using the Conjugate Method as the basis of all his programming.

"elitefts stands for something more than just a site coaches can go to educate themselves or a place where you can purchase great equipment. elitefts is about standing up for what you believe in. It’s about not apologizing for who you are and what you believe in. Similarly, it’s a place that embraces different approaches and doesn’t simply negate the value of something simply because it goes against the grain."

After owning his own training facility for six years, he started Box Programming, an online programming business that provides programming to CrossFit Affiliates and Strength and Conditioning facilities all over the world.

In addition to having a bachelor's degree in psychology with honors, Jason is a CSCS, Westside Barbell Special Strength Coach, CrossFit Level 2 Coach, and a Combat Veteran who is passionate about helping other coaches improve their programming as well as programming for the general population in a group setting — exactly the content you'll find in his elitefts column.

It's easy to tell your clients why you're doing what you're doing, but it's much harder to prove to them they'll be rewarded for their efforts. Published today, here are six steps to helping them believe in your methods and the work they're putting in. Check out Jason's column to read more!