Claiming another incredible achievement in her still-young powerlifting career, Méana Franco won second place at the CPU Canadian Nationals today.

Franco, who has been a member of Team elitefts since August 2014, made it through the day with a new personal best total of 825 pounds.

Here are her exact lifts for the day:


Attempt 1: 275 pounds

Attempt 2: 292 pounds

Attempt 3: 314 pounds

Bench Press

Attempt 1: 176 pounds

Attempt 2: 188.5 pounds

Attempt 3: 198 pounds


Attempt 1: 292 pounds

Attempt 2: 315 pounds

Attempt 3: 336 pounds

Franco's third bench attempt, 198 pounds at a bodyweight of 138, set a new national record and contributed to her 825-pound total— her best yet, and only one kilogram shy of first place.

"I feel good, came in second, and lost by one kilogram," Franco said. "I'm hoping to compete at the Arnold next year and come up with a 900-pound-plus raw total."

More from Méana Franco can be found on her training log. Full meet report coming later this week.