I have done several logs regarding our training for this event. Although we all do kettlebells three or four times a week, we ran a 12-week program. The actual sport training for the competition is geared to meet all individual goals. For example, if you want to obtain a goal of MS (Master of Sport) then there are certain amount of reps you must get in your 10-minute set. You compete in a weight category, bell weight category, and compete against those people in the same move (snatch or clean and jerk).

Our training was conditioning-oriented to last the 10-minute set without running out of gas. Next, I focused on making sure technique was dialed in and everyone knew the rules. We did not want any no-counts because every rep counts. Once those two key things are in place we were more focused on our goals.

For myself, I needed to get 126 reps with the 16 kg bell to obtain CMS (Candidate for Master of Sport).  I needed 13 solid reps per minute and a couple extra, just in case I received no-counts. I did a lot of shorter speed sets with the heavier bell and this allowed me to have the 16 kg bell feel lighter, as well as get me conditioned for my set. I myself have not completed a 10-minute set in training since last year. I find it hard to coach and train at the same time, not to mention a 10-minute set is grueling. I have also been training for my powerlifting events, so preparing for two different sports and competing is a huge challenge. Thankfully the benefits of kettlebell sport carry over to powerlifting, especially grip!

I woke up sick the day of the competition with a chest cold and nausea at it's best. I wasn't sure I was even going to compete but I fought through my 10-minute set and remained focused. I hit a huge PR of 19 reps and got 133 reps in! I too had signed up for the Dominate Female Challenge ( a 5-minute fun event), so I attempted it not feeling well and got in 20 reps with 2, 16 kg bells in the clean and jerk. The flu got the best of me on that set so I called it quits after the 20 reps. This was still a PR and a gold medal! I have never competed in a competition using two bells. That's what the men use.

Overall, it was an amazing day with an amazing support group. We as "Outlaws" don't train to win or to beat the person beside us, we train to be better than we were yesterday, to set personal goals and to do something completely out of our comfort zone—something a lot of people have never even heard of. After all, if you ask someone what kettlebell sport is, I bet 75% of the population have never heard of it.  For a full view of my 10-minute set, you can find it on my Facebook page.

I want to say that I get more enjoyment, personal satisfaction, and inspiration out of coaching the strong ladies a part of my team. To compete is one thing but to help create incredible athletes and help them achieve their goals and watch them succeed beyond measure is priceless.

I will continue to coach these ladies to get them ready for their next Kettlebell Competition which is in Niagara Falls on June 27th. 

As for my goals, today I'm switching my training to strictly powerlifting. I'm 7 weeks out for the RPS Meet, June 13th where I'm attempting my 1,000-pound raw total.  Two weeks later are the Canadian Nationals. There I hope to qualify for the Worlds in November in Portugal.

Read the full team report in my log! 

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