Kenn, the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Carolina Panthers, describes the Tier System as an athletic-based strength training program that does not exclusively rely on any singular strength principle to develop athletes. Here are some of his best quotes from the presentation:

• "I am not Olympic lifting based. I am not powerlifting based. I am not bodybuilding based. What we need in our athletes is to use all three of those disciplines."
• "Lifting weights is general physical preparedness. There is nothing sport specific about lifting weights."
• "The United States is backwards. We focus on special physical preparedness and wonder how injuries are at an all time high. We need our young athletes in general physical preparation."
• "General physical preparedness in high school athletes can be as simple as body weight calisthenics."
• "The most amazing thing I've ever seen is the NFL in person. The things these guys are asked to do on a Sunday and then again seven days later is unbelievable."
• "I've had athletes do what I call
fatigued, fatigued maxes. They would max after training because that's the kind of strength that carries over onto the field."
• "Football coaches want their team to win the fourth quarter. They're going to tell the strength coach to make sure his players are the strongest and most explosive at the end of the game. It's up to the strength coach how to achieve that."
• "Your exercise pool is the most important factor of your program. Get it down on paper and know it."