The Olympia Bodybuilding Contest is once again, upon us.  Tonight, the most crucial part of the weekend takes place - prejudging.

With an insane lineup of extremely well-practiced competitors, the 2016 Mr. Olympia looks to be one of the most anticipated yet.  Competitors from multiple eras are set to take the stage: "The Gift" Phil Heath - 5x and current Mr. Olympia is set to take the stage sporting what he claims is his best look yet.  "The Blade" Dexter Jackson - 1x Mr. Olympia, lurks in the darkness as usual.  Don't let Dexter's quiet yet friendly attitude fool you, The Blade is ready to cut down anyone who stands in his way.  The "Maryland Muscle Machine", Kevin Levrone, has come back from 13 years of retirement and is looking to break hearts.

Over 20 competitors will strut their stuff tonight, all vying for the number one spot. Let's take a look back at the previous Mr. Olympia winners throughout the years, in this great video from our friends at Predator Nutrition.