Chris Janek finishes up at the XPC Finals with a 1130-pound squat. All three benches were red-lighted at 755, 785, and 785.

Despite Janek and his team members gone from the event after his last failed bench attempt, one of Janek's coaches, Ed, remains in the warm-up room watching as the last flight of deadlifters warm up. In conversation, Ed replays Janek's performance and feels Chris needs more time with the gear. Although he's used to the Metal deadlift suit (it's what he's always used), the only way he can get to the deadlift in competition is to dial in the squat and bench gear.


Dave Tate agrees with Ed in the fact Janek needs more time to play with the gear. As a lifter who hasn't had much experience with gear in training, Dave looks forward seeing Janek attend the next Underground Strength Seminar at elitefts. It's there he'll be able to be seen by team elitefts and figure out all the tweaks needed to use the gear to the best of his ability.

With a few hours to reevaluate his own performance, Janek reports post meet,

"Training for the meet went good. I had zero issues with exception of finding the Metal Gear to fit me. I absolutely love the briefs and suit to squat in and it showed in training and at the meet. All warm-ups came up with ease. All attempts felt great. I opened with a modest 1060 pounds and smashed it but was called for depth even though my coach called my depth. Second attempt was the same as planned, 1105 pounds and I got it. Third attempt wasn't as much as I planned on at 1130 pounds. Got depth great but lost my air at the top. Fought with it for awhile but couldn't get it.

Bench press. Let me first say the shirt I had used was used in training and I previously touched a couple times. Warm-ups at the meet were smooth and I felt great going in. Opener was a modest 775 pounds with 805 pounds and 825 pounds as my second and third planned third attempts. Opener 775 pounds couldn't get it. Felt like it was all over the place. Went up to 785 pounds on second with hopes of it touching easier. Went too low and it rolled with the spotters having to catch it. Retook 785 pounds and simply could not lock it out. Going to re-evaluate the shirt and try Metals other shirt.

Most disappointing thing about today was not being able to show myself and others how hard I trained for this meet. Bombing out of a meet for me should never happen as I always open conservative.

Not going to change a thing except the shirt and learning more from elitefts. I am so close to breaking out and setting records it hurts. Thank you again to‪#‎elitefts‬ and David Tate for taking me in the crew. Thank you to all the Tank's Training-Facility coaches and crew for the support."

Interview and meet footage coming soon.

Janek's post meet report source: Tank's Training Facility Facebook