One of the coolest things about being connected with the other members of Team EliteFTS is to learn from their journeys as they face different challenges, take on different goals, and work through life changes - In particular, this past year I've learned a lot from watching some of these team member's journeys below. 

*Note: Obviously this isn't an all-inclusive list and I am fortunate to learn from all of my team members in one way, shape, or form; but these guys in particular have gotten the wheels turning for me lately.

  • Chad Aichs - Chad has been making a lot of training and life adjustments as he's working to constantly improve his mental health (as someone who has struggled with insomnia, bipolar symptoms, etc - for years) while getting stronger with each week. Recently Chad has started 5/3/1 and does a great job documenting his progress and thoughts on his social media..
  • Vincent Dizenzo - Vincent has lost over 100lbs since competing at SHW, and is constantly evolving his training as his goals and situations change - He's got some pretty cool things in the works. I've also learned a TON about programming from reading his logs..
  • Casey Williams - Casey has been recovering from Ulcerative Colitis; and went from barely being able to squat 225lbs he was so sick, to recently totaling over 2000 on the platform. His journey (and the things he and Yessica have learned through this) continues to be great to follow..

...Many of our other teammates have also worked through different areas of adversity and are taking on lofty goals this year, and if you don't already, I highly recommend keeping up on all of our team member's training logs and social media. It's a great opportunity to learn as they do!

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