Want a simple and effective tip to build a bigger and strong(er) back easily? I’ve got you covered with this one magical exercise. It trains your grip too!

Before we go into the exercise, I want explain a little; if you read my logs regularly you know I love training efficiency. Adding in low skill and easy to recover from exercises between working sets is a great way to add volume.

It’s also a great way to build strength and improve weak points.  

A big bonus is that is it super easy to recover from.


Low skill, low nervous system rec recruitment exercises place less of a demand on recovery than high skill ones that require a lot of focus and intensity. Heavy squats are much harder to recover from than back raises, right?

One is high skill/high nervous system (squats), the other is low skill/high muscular system.

Get it?

So, with that out of the way, I’m giving a magical exercise to Build a Bigger and Strong(er) Back Easily.

The Scap Pullup.

I love ‘em and program them a lot.

They are not too hard to do, and you can do a few reps even if you cannot do 1 pullup!

Scap Pullups Build a Bigger and Strong(er) Back Easily because they:

  • Work the lats to a high degree
  • Do not require the strength needed for a full pullup
  • Will help you to do a pullup over time, or do more 
  • Give a great stretch on the lats and shoulder girdle
  • Build tremendous grip strength (bonus)
  • Add time under tension to make muscles grow
  • Are super easy on recovery
  • Easy to add in between working sets

If you decide to add these in between work sets of your Accessory work to build a bigger and strong(er) back, I suggest doing a set amount of reps between each set for a week and then increasing the amount.

Adding in 5 reps of the Scap Pullup between sets one week, then 6 the next and so forth will give you a shit ton of volume on the lats (and grip) and it adds up without noticeably taxing your recovery.

Building a Bigger and Strong(er) back carries over to all of your other lifts too.

A stronger grip is never a bad idea either!

Wanna see how to do them?

Watch the video below to build a bigger and strong(er) back easily.

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For more info go to my site.

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C.J. Murphy

September 1, 2021

Total Performance Sports