elitefts™ Classic

1. Any time I get a wild hair up my ass to do some assistance work, I pluck it out. Best be wary of the dingleberry.
2. When I asked why he was a successful football player, John Welbourne replied, “I had no heroes.” This speaks volumes.
3. Training templates are fine but should always be fluid. Make the big exercises matter.
4. My new diet is pro-gluten.
5. One of the best things I learned from football (and this was a big turning point for me in college) was to never be afraid to fail. This paralysis keeps too many people from trying — it keeps people from doing their first meet, submitting their first article, or asking out the girl they’ve had a crush on for two years.

6. Don’t overanalyze your form.
7. If you lost fat by dieting and increasing conditioning, why are you surprised you got weaker? You sapped two energy sources.
8. Take the slow road. Don’t be the guy “bulking” and “cutting” and “dieting.” All of these things fail. It’s about a lifestyle.
9. Mobility, flexibility, strength and conditioning are paramount to any training program, no matter who you are.
10. If in doubt, squat and push a Prowler®. If you don’t have a Prowler®, run some hills. You will be strong and in shape. Keep this in mind the next time you think you “need to cut.”