Don't suck! Jim and Rachel obviously don't. So, how do they celebrate "That Sucks!" day? By being the authorities on AWESOMENESS and helping everyone else achieve that level. Sorry Pegg...maybe one day you'll be invited to be awesome. They decided on 10 things that are guaranteed to keep you from sucking.

1. Strong(er) Wear – Want to get stronger? Well, the shirt won’t help you, but at least your wardrobe won’t suck.

2. Light Bands – These are perfect for on-the-go training. You can use them for tricep pushdowns, pushups and upright rows. You’ll have pipes like Popeye and traps like Wendler and THEY obviously don’t suck.

3. Super Heavy Wrist Wraps – Having sore wrists sucks. Having a big press does not. It’s not a hard choice.

4. Anaconda – Finally, a supplement that doesn’t suck.

5. Z-12 – If your sleeping habits suck, try Z-12. It helps you sleep and calms you down. This will help also prevent you from going on forums and arguing about squat depth.

6. Econo Prowler – If you suck right now, you surely won’t after using the Prowler. It instantly saves you from being fat and gross.

7. Manpon - If you want to someday bench like a man - we suggest the Manpon.

8. Swiss Bar – Sucky shoulders? Swiss bar is the answer! It’s easy on your shoulders and pecs and increases triceps strength. Also great for hammer curls.

9. Heavy Elbow Sleeves – We have a fix if you have a raw bench that sucks. By wearing elbow sleeves, you can increase your bench without looking like you need a bench shirt to be decent.

10. Foam Roller – Pain just sucks. The foam roller helps alleviate band, knee and back pain.

What would you add to this list?